With uprising in new technology and the non stop affect that it has on our day to day life. finding new technology in area  that couldn’t be imagine like, communications, public roads, and even in the Event industry creating unforgettable experiences

As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”, Then let it shine on a Led screen, show your customers, by using it in public spaces, banquet events, even to display menus in restaurants. What better way to capture your audience attention, seen more frequently in shopping centers, commercial buildings, airports across the world, stores..

 This is all possible to the development of of the LED display evolution, creating a screen that can be constructed in many different sizes. Can be used as televisions, computers display, smartphones or just alone. The latter are the most sought after in the market and are better known as modular style displays, of which you we will explain more below.

What is LED Technology?

Before continuing the development in using it in screens, its important to revisit what consists of this LED type of technology, which has been around since early 2000 and now has become more popular throughout the years. But did you know that LED by its name, is the abbreviation that refers to light-emitting-diode that emits light when energized or activated. Energy that emits into a device in the form of photons, generating an effect know as electroluminescence.

The first time this technology appeared, it appeared as a low emitting low intensity infrared light, and now has evolved, and becoming the alternative energy source that stand out, and with low energy consumption, great variety in multiple application in electronics devices

From Lightbulbs to LED display

One of the primary main uses for light-emitting diodes, was precisely to illuminate. In fact, the first time LED was marketed, was through light bulbs’. In 1968 a team of researchers used it in the construction of a screen. it would not be until the new millennium, when they were massively manufactured.

Unlike other displays, the LED uses different panels, or LED modules, which can be different types of: monochromatic, bicolor or polychromatic. These panels create, in a form the pixels, in turn are the responsible for creating the images that are seen on the screen. Whether if its a photograph, graphics or animations and even videos.

The adaptability of these devices has been the main factor, and is now committed to the development of this type of technology nowadays. In addition, they provide enormous possibility for generating unique visual experiences, which are especially being used in the advertising industry

For a unique sharper viewing experience

New technologies has changed. One, being able to enjoy high resolution content using the LED screen panel technology, no matter how big or small the image may be, and is visually seen on the screen.

When utilizing pixels in a visual system, the image becomes sharper, brighter and much better viewing for your audience. By using different modules, you can create a custom screen, that adapts to your Audience needs, or can be used as poster board, that display information, in concerts, corporate events, restaurant menus or as advertisement on public roads.

Because many manufacturers have understood the potential of these devices, the solutions they offer. So they have develop many different size diodes, mainly for the function of viewing content on a screen and at what distances the audience is seated. Guaranteeing the quality and sharpness of the visual image.

In addition to being so resistant, they’re a simple created solution that can be adapted to different usages or spaces, both indoors or outdoors.

Since, there are more manufactures joining this trend, They have begun to incorporate video screens as part of your marketing strategies.

The Advantages of using LED display as a marketing strategy

Even the possibility of adapting to different areas of spaces, even shapes. The multimedia video screens are now more popular than ever, and are seen more and more in different venues across the world.

Which have proven to be an excellent means of promoting products and ideas. In addition, interactive advertising has proven to be much more effective than traditional style posters, with a minimal investment. because everything is digital, enhancements are made on the spot, without having to resort to a printing service. with low energy consumption, parts can be replaced in a matter of minutes. Saving time and money.

Another valuable point, using LED screens as part of the atmosphere in an office, store or other venues is equivalent to modernity and harmony.

Something that many people value today. New Technology that allows them to create more authentic links, within brands. But if we think a little more, this is the perfect resource to attract the attention of you audience, and to know more about your business. at the same time achieving a great visual impact.

They are the ideal solution in using segmented campaigns, for example, A department store, you can create and specialized new content releases. In a restaurant, you can create menu or current promotions in minutes. In theaters palying movie trailers or even publicize the latest news in a more dynamic way.

Last but not least, we must highlight the durability, as well as the low maintenance of these video screens. They are manufactured to withstand all kinds of normal situations, even those related to weather conditions, install very quickly, and can be control by mobile devices.