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Celebrate July 4th with the Best Deals at Techled!

Need better entertainment for your audience? Find the answer with our LED screens! Churches INCREASE [...]

Novastar training in Techled: We transform the future of display technology together!

Since 2023, NovaStar, the leading company in video processors, has chosen us to conduct training [...]

We celebrate the COPA AMÉRICA 2024, the most important event of the year!

On Thursday the 20th, COPA AMÉRICA 2024 kicks off, one of the most prominent sporting [...]

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Enhancing Passenger Experience: The Benefits of Using LED Screens in Airports

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Techled is now an official distributor of NovaStar

Techled is now an official distributor of NovaStar Techled is proud to announce that we [...]

The power of LED banners

Our high definition LED banners are your best option to cause an outstanding impression at [...]

Our 2022 highlights

 From video walls at fashion stores and sanctuaries to big installations on TV studios, here [...]