General information about LED Screens

What are LED screens?

LED screens, or Light Emitting Diode screens, are a type of display technology. They use light-emitting diodes to create images and visuals on a screen; each diode acts as a pixel, and by varying the intensity of these pixels, the screen can produce a wide range of colors and brightness levels. LED screens have become increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency, brightness, color accuracy, and slim form factor. 


What power supply is necessary to operate an LED screen?

The power requirement varies depending on the screen, and our team will assist you in determining the specific power needs during the sales process.


How are LED screens mounted?

You have the option to mount our LED screens either on a wall or using a ground support setup.


What does Refresh Rate mean?

The Refresh Rate of LED screens refers to the frequency at which the screen refreshes or updates the displayed image each second. Measured in Hertz (Hz), it essentially signifies how many distinct frames or images the screen can render in a single second. A higher refresh rate results in smoother and more fluid motion.


What is the ideal Pixel Pitch for my LED screen?

Pixel Pitch refers to the distance between pixels, usually measured in millimeters. Essentially, the smaller the pixel pitch, the closer the LEDs are arranged on your display,  which determines both the ideal viewing distance and the perceived visual quality of LED displays. Typically, the ideal viewing distance is approximately 2-3 times the pixel pitch value, measured in meters. Pixel pitch is commonly denoted by a “P” followed by the numerical value: an LED wall or panel referred to as P5 would have a pixel pitch of 5.


Is there a need for additional audio equipment when using an LED screen?

Additional audio equipment may be needed depending on the screen’s purpose and audio requirements.


What kind of software is needed to manage content on the LED screen?

Content scheduling and updates for the LED screen are managed with a user-friendly content management software.


Are LED screens energy-efficient options?

Yes. LED screens consume minimal energy to deliver vivid and brilliant illumination. This not only results in lowered ongoing operational expenses but also contributes to a reduction in their environmental impact.


How much does it cost to purchase and install an LED screen?

Costs vary widely based on size, type, and installation needs. Visit the Products section of our webpage for more information, or consult with a Techledwall professional for personalized guidance.


Are there financing options available for purchasing an LED screen?

Yes, Techledwall offers a wide variety of financing options, according to your needs. Get in touch with us for more details. 


Is professional installation needed for an LED screen?

The installation can be handled by our professionals at Techledwall, alleviating any concerns on your part, but we also offer Turnkey Solutions so you can do it yourself if you wish to.

What is the lifespan of an LED screen?

The lifespan of an LED screen can exceed 100,000 hours with proper maintenance and care.


What is the best way to clean and maintain the LED screen?

For tips on how to clean your LED screen, follow this link.


Is there a warranty for the LED screen?

We offer a 2 year warranty.


How are repairs handled?

LED screen repairs are not typically needed. Your screen requires minimal maintenance, and with proper care, your LED screen should maintain a fresh appearance for over 10 years. And even in the rare case of a malfunction, there’s no need to replace the entire display. A straightforward and swift replacement of the affected module suffices to rectify the issue.


Can I make changes to the size or design of my LED display in the future?

From a technical standpoint, it is possible by incorporating additional panels. However, our usual recommendation is to avoid this because the new panel batches may exhibit slight variations in color.


LED Screens for Churches

What kind of content can we display on an LED screen during services?

LED screens offer a versatile platform for displaying a wide range of content during services. They can be used to:


  • Display Bible verses, religious texts, and scriptural passages, as well as song lyrics and  hymns, allowing attendees to follow along.
  • Show immersive videos and visual presentations that complement the sermon or worship theme.
  • Make important announcements, upcoming events, and community updates.
  • Live stream sermons and worship services, allowing congregations to connect with remote worshippers.
  • Display translated text alongside the primary language being spoken or sung during the service, making it more inclusive and accessible to people from diverse language backgrounds.


LED screens also offer the flexibility to switch between different types of content seamlessly. For example, during a service, the screen can transition from displaying scripture to showing a live sermon from a guest speaker at a different location, offering a dynamic and diverse worship experience.


What LED screen size do we need for our church?

An indoor LED screen is generally better suited for the controlled environment of a church, guaranteeing superior image quality and visibility. The selection of your display’s design and size should be guided by both your intended usage for the screen and the characteristics of the installation space.

For further guidance, you can get in contact with a Techledwall professional.


What size LED screen do we need for our church?

The size of the LED screen will depend on factors like seating capacity and viewing distance. Smaller churches might choose smaller LED screens, while larger congregations will require larger LED displays to ensure that content is visible from all angles.

For further guidance, you can get in contact with a Techledwall professional.


Do we need any permits or approvals for installing an LED screen in our place of worship?

Check local regulations for any necessary permits or approvals when installing an LED screen in a place of worship.

I only want an LED screen for an event, can I rent one?

Yes, you can rent one of our LED displays here.