Low temperature environment

Regarding the outdoor LED displays that installed in low temperature environment, its materials have different coefficient of thermal expansion and inconsistent changes in physical dimensions such as masks, PCB, module kits, cabinet frames, etc. The problems which is easy to appear as below:

  • There would be a gap between module and module, cabinet and cabinet.
  • The shrinkage and fracture of the kit caused by the inconsistent shrinkage of the module kit and the cabinet frame.
  • The inconsistent shrinkage between led lamp and the mask, causing the led lamp to loosen and display failure;
  • The hidden dangers of water ingress caused by the shrinkage of the waterproof rubber ring of the cabinet in low temperature.
  • The electronic device cannot start and work normally.

Furthermore, in the low temperature environment, the protective layer attached to the surface of the cable is easily broken, which will lead to serious problems such as short circuits or even fire; Outdoor LED displays may also have some electronic components that cannot work properly, making the entire screen unable to run properly.

In response to the above problems, outdoor fixed LED displays can deal with the low-temperature environments by applying the following solutions.

Selection of low temperature resistant raw materials

Objects tend to become brittle under low temperatures, which is also a risk for LED display. Adopting low-temperature resistant raw materials and devices, such as cold-resistant masks and bottom shell kits, low-temperature resistant waterproof glue, low-temperature power supply (can be started in an environment of -40℃; -25℃); Adopting low-temperature resistant cabinets, low-temperature resistant electronic devices and connectors.

Exquisite crafts, extra high protection ability

Since outdoor fixed LED display work in an outdoor environment for a long time, the PCB, power supply, solder joints, etc. have high requirements for high and low temperature resistance, water resistance, and corrosion resistance ability. It is recommended to carry out the coating and cold-proof treatment for PCB, components and parts, solder joints, etc., Protecting the circuits from damage under the environments that contains chemical substances (such as: fuel, coolant, etc.), vibration, humidity, salt spray, humidity and high temperature, low temperature conditions , thereby prolonging their lifespan.