Giant screens for events are increasingly used in the business environment and in meetings where presentations are made.

Giant screens have some characteristics that make them stand out from other tools for conveying messages. Their size and the possibility of conveying bright messages, with movement, videos and all kinds of animations give them great visibility and attract the eyes and attention of the public.

Among the advantages they present, their great visibility stands out, and especially their ability to stream videos in real time.

It is possible to transmit from advertising spots, date, time and temperature, to the streaming of live videos (such as concerts or sporting events).

A modular LED screen makes it easy to transport it during all the campaigns and events of the year.

Attending social gatherings where broadcasts are made on giant screens for events usually give a different visibility and impact to the event and, therefore, to its organizers.

Taking these advantages into account, the messages conveyed have a greater impact than other traditional media (such as posters, brochures or others).

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