At TechLED Wall, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of LED display technology to create spaces that inspire, inform, and captivate. The projects completed with KING JESUS Ministry, GRACE & FAVOR, and Centro Cristiano Restauración are testaments to the transformative power of our customized solutions. We are committed to continuing to offer innovative products and exceptional support to all our clients, helping them turn their visions into tangible realities.

We pride ourselves on delivering LED screen solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations, transforming their spaces into unforgettable visual experiences. Through our commitment to customer support and technological innovation, we have had the privilege of partnering with a variety of organizations to bring their vision to life. Today, we want to share three success stories that highlight how our clients have used our LED screens to inspire, connect, and beautify their environments.

  1. KING JESUS Ministry: Innovation Meets Spiritual Visualization
  • Project: Installation of a 42′ x 7.8′ indoor P1.99 LED screen, designed for high refresh rates, front access for easy maintenance, silent operation, and an ultra-thin and lightweight design.
  • Benefits: This cutting-edge solution allowed KING JESUS Ministry to transform their worship space, creating an inspiring atmosphere that enhances the connection between the congregation and the spiritual message. The exceptional visual quality of the screen and its discreet design perfectly complemented the architecture of the venue, enhancing presentations and teachings with striking imagery.


  1. GRACE & FAVOR: Excellence in Customer Support and Visual Experience
  • Project: Supply and installation of indoor P2.9 LED screens at their Washington D.C. location, highlighted by exceptional customer support throughout the process.
  • References: GRACE & FAVOR has expressed their gratitude for the continuous and personalized support they received, describing our screens as “amazing.” This successful collaboration reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction and product quality.
  • Benefits: The installation of these screens not only beautified their space but also created a captivating atmosphere that significantly enhances the visitor experience, enabling more effective and memorable visual communication.


  1. Centro Cristiano Restauración: Unconditional Support and Visual Transformation
  • Project: Our collaboration focused on providing constant support and LED solutions tailored to their specific needs, fostering an inspiring atmosphere.
  • References: Centro Cristiano Restauración highlighted our unwavering support and the impact of our screens in creating an environment that encourages greater connection and engagement.
  • Benefits: The implementation of our LED technology has not only visually enriched their altar, making it more attractive and decorative but also amplified the impact of their messages and teachings, offering a more immersive and moving experience for the community.

If you’re looking to transform your space with high-quality LED screens and a team that supports you every step of the way, contact TechLED Wall today. Together, we can create an environment that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them, creating unforgettable visual experiences for you and your audience.