Our high definition LED banners are your best option to cause an outstanding impression at your event.

If you wanna generate a unique experience at any event, our LED banners are your best friends. Create a high impact visual environment at the entrance of your venue with the Indoor LED Screen Cabinets Series.

Available on three definitions (P3, P2.5 and P2), there are some of the features that will make you want to add a banner at your next event:

MAXIMUM DEFINITION AND HIGH PERFORMANCE: Led displays provide a sharp, bright and clear image in certain distances; guaranteeing a low energy consumption.

ADAPTABLE TO ANY SPACE: The modular panel system allows you to create unique displays and experiences visually stunning anywhere.

EASY ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION: You can assemble our LED screens in a comfortable and simple way. They do not require additional machinery, no complex tools.

INTELLIGENT CLUSTERING MANAGEMENT: Through IOS and Android, PC devices, intelligent cloud control system, to achieve Internet cluster management.

SYNCHRONOUS / ASYNCHRONOUS DUAL MODE: Can display and play single, multi-screen display mode, multi- screen synchronous asynchronous display mode. Content can be pushed to global screens anytime, anywhere.

MOBILE PHONE, IPAD, PC CONTROL AT ANYTIME IN VARIOUS OCCASIONS: Supports synchronous/asynchronous playback. Support mobile phone, WIF, bluetooth.

Also, they are waterproof, dampproof, dustproof, salt-spray proof, anti-damage, anti-fall, anti-collision, anti-static, anti-sallow and anti-corrosion.

Contact us to get further information about the products and services we can offer. Our team of professionals will take their time to assist you in selecting the right video banner for you.