Our advanced technology in LED screens is ideal to communicate news, messages, lyrics, announcements, and more to your followers.

TECHLED is a faith-based company. That’s why we work everyday to guarantee that, with our screens, your message is received by your followers uniquely.
Thanks to our advanced technology and screens’ ability to adapt to any space, more and more churches trust us to integrate LED technology into their worship routines to communicate news, messages, lyrics, announcements, and more.
In large rooms with lots of light and incredible natural light, church LED screens will remain clear to all the attendees and provide an adequate viewing angle and the required quality and size. Also, a LED display is attractive compared to other alternatives, such as projection, since it’s more energy efficient.
By adding our LED Video Wall product to your services, you will not only create and manage to conceive a new updated environment, but you will be able to support the message with the use of the screens, generating a unique and incredible visual resource. The faithful will live a unique moment, overwhelmed by unimaginable visual stimuli. The extension of his doctrine will be perceived in a way never before realized.
Contact us to get further information about the products and services we can offer. Our team of professionals will take their time to assist you in selecting the right video wall for your sanctuary, including installations and electrical needs.