The screen choice becomes an important aspect when organizing outdoor events since we will have to take into account the content that we are going to show, the resolution, the brightness, the impact of sunlight and the display you want to have.

Another important aspect is knowing the distance between the screen and the audience. The longer the distance, the larger the screen size. A three-meter-high screen is not the same as a smaller screen one meter away from the public. In addition, you cannot forget about complementary equipment, for example other devices such as projectors, which require mandatory auxiliary equipment that is necessary to achieve optimal image display. This is not necessary when using LED screens.

Tech LED has a turnkey service. You can hire the transport and assembly of the screen, and this will be done by adapting to each customer needs and scheduled event.

Therefore, the only thing you have to worry about is knowing what you want to communicate and project. Leaving in the hands of professionals the advice first and the execution later, you just have to worry about focusing the content, thus guaranteeing the success of the event.

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