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Are you considering buying a LED video wall?

LED video wall or Projector?

There is no doubt that nowadays the public demands more, especially when it comes to events that require higher quality.

When it comes to big screens, there are 2 options:

LED video wall or Projector. In this article, we are going to talk about:

What are the pros and cons between an LED video wall and a projector? 

What do we have to take into account when making the decision?

Which is more convenient, a LED video wall or a projector screen?

The projection screen has long been the primary multimedia support for events. And today, despite the obvious improvement in technology, it remains an option. But it cannot compete with the quality and versatility of an LED video wall.

First, the lighting of the environment does not affect the vision of the LED video wall. We can add lighting, and place spotlights in the middle of the scene, and the LED video wall will always remain of the same quality and video performance.

The plus points of projectors are that they are easy to install and transport, very versatile, and consequently more economical than LED video wall.

However, it is also important to be aware of the weaknesses:

  1. They cannot be used outdoors or in sunlight.
  2. Obtaining the necessary distance between the projector and the screen can be difficult.
  3. If the projection is frontal, there can be problems with shadows if the presenter stands in front of the projector.

On the other hand, in all types of events, the use of LED video wall has become popular in recent years.

Their use has become commonplace at small events as well as at large events, both indoors and outdoors. 

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about emotion, and when you think about it, the LED video wall is the right tool to convey any kind of message to the public. The LED quality has excellent advantages, even in a brightly lit venue.


Perfect for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR events. 

Lighting or sunlight does not affect the LED video wall.

The advantages of this type of multimedia support:

They offer high-definition picture quality.

They offer great connectivity.

Wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Cost-effective options.

Resistant to adverse conditions.

Cons can be that very large sizes require a large budget.

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This is why investing in an LED video wall is the best decision, providing a better experience that translates to your brand, your space, or your product.

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