It is known that from very remote times congregants direct their eyes to hymnal sheets or some letter printing. With the technological arrival of being able to project video, images and graphics, the inclusion of technology in the church became much easier.

In addition, the video turns out to be a perfect medium for the creative people of our church to provide us with original content with movement so that congregants can have a better experience.

The current trend is to use LED screens to play large-format video projections, replacing increasingly older projectors. This advance makes a lot of sense when we consider the abysmal differences between both technologies.

One of the main differences between LED technology and projectors is the brightness provided by the LED screen, much higher than the brightness of the projector, and therefore we can compensate for the influence of external natural light, an advantage to be able to use LED technology outdoors unlike the projector that limits its use to dark spaces.

In addition, since LED screens emit direct light, they generate vibrant colors, unlike projectors where the light bounces off a surface (fabric, canvas or wall), taking away the visual impact of the image we receive.

And what if a bigger screen is needed?

The play space of projectors is limited and not scalable, unlike LED screens that, thanks to their modular format, allow unlimited possibilities, increasing or changing the size and shape of the screen. 

And that nobody crosses in front of the beam of light…

One more reason to stop using projectors is that the projection is very easily interrupted, just enough that a person stands in the projection area to generate a shadow and break all kinds of play design.

A Novastar 9.8’ x 6.6’ LED screen with a 3.91mm or 2.97mm definition can be an excellent option to replace your projector, and thus be able to modernize your Church.

To conclude, our customers say:

“And after installing the LED screen, the experience of going to church improved considerably in all areas. The lyrics of the songs and the verses of the Bible could be clearly read and image and video advertisements began to be made for the events.”