The possibilities offered by an outdoor LED screen are very wide.

From the inquiries we receive, the following question is very common before purchasing a screen: “Is it advisable to install a LED screen for an outdoor event?”

The answer is summarized in the following points in favor:

  • Visibility over long distances: LED screens offer very good visibility over long distances, which is why they are the most used in large spaces.
  • Resistant to adverse conditions: this characteristic makes them perfect for outdoor events. They withstand inclement weather and offer very good results with little or no lighting.
  • No size limitation: as they are modular panels, they allow the mounting of really giant screens that could not be achieved otherwise.
  • Image continuity: Thanks to their technology, modules are not distinguished on LED screens, offering a continuous image without gaps.

How to choose the ideal screen? We invite you to read our note on Relationship between viewing distance and screen size.