The arrival of good weather brings with it a very common initiative in many towns and cities around the world: open-air cinemas. Although their advantages are many, there are two main reasons that explain their success: a simple installation and the good reception by the spectators, since the conventional cinema attendance is usually exceeded.

Outdoor cinemas became more and more common and at Tech LED we have an all-inclusive service, designed so that spectators can enjoy the highest quality in each projection and a unique experience.

The infrastructure is usually simple to be easily dismantled, since outdoor screens can be placed in streets, squares, parks, gardens, sports fields or courts, patios, civic centers, parking lots. Their simplicity explains the large number of outdoor cinema seasons that exist today. Why not join them?

It is enough with a LED screen and a good sound system, based on speakers or high-power amplifiers.

Giant LED screens also stand out for being light, as well as resistant, so they can be moved without problems from one place to another, something especially necessary when it comes to temporary or one-off movie screenings. They are also very easy to assemble and disassemble, so this task can be carried out by two people without prior technical knowledge.

LED screens are the perfect solution for this type of facilities because they are resistant to atmospheric agents, such as direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight or rain, as well as sudden changes in temperature.