Provide greater visibility to your establishment with advertising media, which will also help you convey a modern and attractive image.

Various studies show that text and moving images are the most effective in attracting the attention of potential customers, something that you will easily achieve with our LED screens for hairdressers and beauty centers.

Our proposals to help your business continue to grow: Indoor and outdoor LED screens.

The world of personal image is oriented to a very clear goal: to create an appearance and a style that the customer is comfortable with and that makes a positive impression on others. For that purpose, and when it comes to attracting the attention of passersby, outdoor LED screens for hairdressers are always a success. Their function goes far beyond showing the name of the establishment, since they are also one of the best advertising media to publish sales and promotions in hairdressing and manicures or news, such as new beauty treatments or hair care products.

While, inside your business, they can either play corporate or promotional videos created by distributors and hairdressing and beauty firms or even broadcast advertising. In this way, you will make your investment profitable in even less time.

Some businesses use standard LED TVs which are usually not effective, not only because of their small size, but also because they do not offer adequate brightness and luminosity, especially in natural light. The resolution is also lower than that of our professional LED screens.

Inside the establishment, indoor LED screens will also be a plus for your business. With them you can offer entertainment to customers, or inform them about sector news or the latest products and trends.