No matter how large the any church is. LED screen are use as a fundamental element of communication and teaching instrument in today churches. Due to the fact that the LED panels quickly capture the attention of your audience, being able to successfully communicate all kinds of information, using it to sing lyrics to a songs, Make announcements using different styles of content or even as a stage background to accompany many different scenario.

It’s no coincidence that more and more churches are turning to LED Wall as a means of communicating a clear and direct message. That is why LED screens are so important today for churches. Basically becoming a teaching element, that generates more of an impact, with the brightness, sophistication, and completely changing the ambience to any area.

What does LED mean?

With the advancement of today’s technology, and the continuous overwhelming growth, LED, which stand for (Light Emitting Diodes) LED Panels are here to stay. They not only replaced the old outdated analog projectors that projected an image onto a screen, or onto a wall and with many limitations, in terms of brightness, sharpness and image quality. Also became the most used technology in churches, because of their high brightness and sharpness and visual impact on their audience. 

On the other hand, our LED Video screens are perfectly designed for churches. Providing energy efficiency cabinets, consuming half the energy, compared to other technology with similar characteristics that are on today market. With energy savings, high refresh rate, and maximum experience for live streaming.

What is a LED Screen?

An LED Video screen in simple terms is the union of many modules panels incased in cabinets and seamlessly joined together creating a wall of pixels for front audience viewing of content. Indeed more churches rely on LED Video screens and are popular among the church community and it is more accepted than video projectors of the past.

Each module panel of an LED screen is consist of 3 LEDs lights (red, green and blue) these three colors interact with each other to give you the best resolution image possible. Even for an audience with a distance away from the video screen. Your audience will experience no loss of video content, excellent viewing from all distances and angles  

How to choose the right church LED wall

Choosing the correct LED wall and size for your Church depends on couple of selected key points.

  • 1.The distances from your audience first row of seating, to the last row of audience seating, to where the video wall will be set.
  • 2. Ceiling and stage heights and demission’s
  • 3. Desire height and width of video wall.
  • 4. Content that will be displayed

How the size of the church, can influences the choice of video screen

The size of the church plays an important factor in determining the choice. So much so, that smaller church can opt for 10’x 7 ‘LED screens. On the other hand, the largest churches that gather in larger numbers of the faithful will need a larger screen, so that the content can be read and visible from all areas with the same quality. Option two is to install several LED screens in strategic area of the church, which can be smaller.

Viewing Distance / Resolution

Beyond the key points mentioned above, the viewing distance and resolution will determine the cost of the LED wall display. Here at TechLed, we do not just sell you a video wall with high definition and great value. Rather a video wall that is perfect for your everyday needs, and meets your objectives, and that of the church, at a great cost.

Screen ratio of Church Led Wall

Once you have determined the size of the video wall for the church, choosing the correct ratio for all practical purposes. Choosing a 16:9 format widescreen is the best way to deliver an excellent picture and deliver a quality experience to your audience. In addition, 16.9 formats allow the image to be replicated, enhancing the quality of your images, and provides a comfortable view to your audience.

How much does a LED Wall Cost

The production of these types of devices generated all kinds of products on the market with varied prices. However, at TechLed we manufacture and offer the best LED wall solutions for churches at unhearable prices. The price of an LED wall depends on the key factors; size of the screen (measured in square feet) and the prefer pixel spacing (distance between pixels).

Benefits of buying LED Video wall for a church at TechLed

•Energy efficiency consumption, great savings in electricity

•Unique visual experiences for all

•Deliver your message without any distractions

•Capture your audience at all times

•Modular technology in unlimited sizes according to your needs

•Total viewing experience for the entire audience regardless of the size of the church.

•High definition images, contrast and sharpness

•The most convenient price on the market

Two models of LED video screens recommended for churches


Novastar P5, the best church video wall sharing a red bridge

It’s known as one of best affordable LED video screen for Churches and Temples in the market. With it perfect size of 12.6 x 6.3 feet, made up of 6 cabinet panels indoors model, makes this an ideal video screen for any Church or Temple. It is one of the favorite and used in many Churches and Temples.

Each of these panels has a high refresh rate, which also makes it unique for TV studios, streaming and all kinds of reproductions, and comes with all the necessary accessories for installation.

In conclusion, buying the NovaStar P5MM LED Video screen is an excellent option, and with its unbeatable prices, makes this affordable to any budget


Novastar P3.91 MM church LED Wall

One of the most popular LED video screens for churches is the 19.7’ wide x 9.8’ high. With this widescreen you will see all the content clearly as if you were a few feet away.

Purchasing the NovaStar P3.91MM LED widescreen, is an unbeatable option for someone, who are looking for a large widescreen that can reproduce the highest quality when displaying content.

This is a basic guide on how to choose the right LED widescreen for your church, you already have all the necessary details to avoid making a costly mistake in your next purchase. If you need advice or have questions about which is the right widescreen for your organization, click here and we will contact you.

You can also contact us through our email at [email protected] or by phone at (888) 398-5891.