It is becoming more and more common to see LED screens on the stages of any event. The infinity of uses that we can give to these screens make them practically essential and, therefore, their use has spread considerably. The stage is the highest and most relevant part of any ceremony, thus their installation on the stage represents a great advantage so that they can be seen by all attendees.

LED screens for stages have to be designed following several premises: Light and quick to assemble and disassemble.

  • Light: This type of screens is used continuously in multiple events and congresses, so it is a priority that, to facilitate their transport, these screens are light and easy to handle and store.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly: These screens are designed so that their assembly is really simple and fast, without the need to use external tools for their assembly. Their studied joining mechanisms join multiple cabinets with a simple click, creating a single screen once joined.

How to transport your LED screen?

At Tech LED we offer you an all-inclusive service. LED screens are transported in flight cases, high protection cases that protect the LED panels very well. These cases have wheels with brakes that facilitate their movement and transport around the stages.

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